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Alghero's weather is typical of the Mediterranean region; hot summers with some scorchers in July and August and some rain in November and December. In general however, the city is quite dry.

As a rule of thumb, unless you just happen to be unlucky, long days of sunshine are the norm, from the beginning of May until the end of September. That said, it is not at all unusual for the good weather to stretch for a month (or two at the end) either side of that period. For example, in the latter half of November last year, apart from the odd day, temperatures were still around 24 - 25C (mid 70s). In the heat of the summer there is the occasional, violent and spectacular thunderstorm, but these are short-lived.
Sardinia has more sunny days than anywhere else in Italy, averaging over 300 days per year.
The weather is usually good right through from May to the end of October. Winter is mild, although the region does experience some Mistral winds which usually last for about 3 days at a time.

Despite the advent of low-cost airlines, which have icreased access to and the popularity of Sardinia, the island does not cater for year round tourism. Whilst in Alghero, the season runs from May - October, almost everywhere else, it runs from June - September. In some resorts, most notably Porto Cervo, on the Costa Smeralda, everything is closed outside July - August.

Potential visitors should realise that trains, buses and ferries often do not run outside High Season or run to very restricted timetables. The majority of hotels, agriturismo, B&B's and restaurants on the island are closed. To avoid disappointment and significant wasted expenditure, It is very important to ensure that transfers, and accomodation are available and confirmed prior to flights being booked. 

Provided that you have taken note of the advice above, the month of January is particularly interesting, owing to the "Secche di Gennaio." The Dry of January. This phenomenon occurs every year, usually in the middle of the month, when there is no rain, the weather is fine and dry and temperatures reach and even exceed 20C.
The city celebrates a variety of religious festivals throughout the year and may be something to consider when planning your trip. 
New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm, with a grand firework display over the harbour.

One of the best festivals of summer, "FerraGosto" takes place on 15th August and has a grand display of fireworks. Immediately after, the town celebrates outdoors eating fried fish. It is a great time to mingle with tourists and locals alike.

Later in the year, in November is the Festival di Santa Cecilia, a religious and music festival. April sees a truly cultural event representing its Catalan roots for the region, with the Ritta della Settimana Santa, or holy week. This is followed by more Easter celebrations that originated from the time when it was under Spain's ruling. Summer is definitely the tourist season. The warm weather promotes a hot nightlife where pubcrawling the waterfront bars and enjoying live music or just sitting in the piazzas to relax after a day in the sun, are the favorite pastimes. But, December should not be ruled out, the ancient city sees a lot of charming decorations for the Christmas season making it a fine place for midwinter's jaunt. 

(Source: TRIPADVISOR)  Photos: Web - Antonio Richard Monti - Pino Lignuso  

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Alghero is a town of about 50,000 that triples in summer. And 'it situated in the northwestern coast of Sardinia, and falls within the province of Sassari. Eighty kilometers of rugged coastline between ancient rocks and thirty beaches. The peculiarity of Alghero comes from the mix of tradition and Sardinian-Catalan culture that make it a city of strong character. Alghero Catalan is spoken which was introduced by the Spanish rulers in the course of over 400 years of government.
Especially popular for its marine nature tours. It is also the third campus of Sardinia (after Cagliari and Sassari). Alghero is one of the main cities of Sardinia, the fifth in the region by population. It is the capital of the "Coral Coast" name given by the presence, in the waters of its harbor, the largest amount of red coral of the finest quality. Processing and sale are local economy.

Alghero becomes culture all year round, but during the summer there are many cultural events organized by the Municipality and cultural activists. Alghero offers a wide spectrum of proposals with live performances by artists in the clubs, in the streets and during special events. Music, theater and cinema are presented with much relevance. They are held in Alghero important film festivals with screenings and active participation of the public and authors. Film screenings on the beach..

The world of cinema in Alghero was present at the end of the 60 meetings with the presence of a film that brought the island the interest of the whole world, with star of the highest level including Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.