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Dear Filmmakers

Just a few tips for you:

Have a good poster, in the right proportion, always make a good impression.
The most of submissions we received have no poster or the size is like a portrait.

Even if your short is “short”, have a trailler always give you an extra point!!!
Some film festivals use traillers on their websites.

If you want to take this carrer serious, is better alwayas have a professional look on your submission.
Don´t forget the name of the crew and cast on your submission, sometimes the festival wants
to give an photography award and they will not have time to read all the film credits.

It´s also a good idea to have a website for your project, but don´t mix your film project with other projects.
The festivals always take a look on the film websites.

Finally, open an Vimeo account to share your film to festivals, they always have a better quality of streaming,
they also have many options for security etc...

This is just a help to you looks like a pro!!!

We make the process simple, you can submit to our festival through FilmFreeway, pay your fee, and send us a link to your film. We prefer streaming services such as Vimeo or YouTube.

Regards and good look for all